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Alligator Cigar Humidor

Alligator Cigar Humidor

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This cigar humidor is made by a Caribbean cedar wooden box, wrapped with the finest alligator leather.

Caribbean cedar is the only wood in the world suitable for the perfect conservation of cigars. The humidor is able to preserve cigars for 30 years or more thanks to the unique properties of the Caribbean cedar and the highest quality humidor tube and hygrometer placed inside the box.

The alligator matches perfectly on each side of the box, just the best part of the alligator has been used for the creation of this cigar humidor. Lockable with key.

All of our exotic leather goods are handmade In Italy by skilled artisans with decades of experience behind their backs. This Cigar Humidor is made without the use of industrial machinery or chemicals.
Our products are meant to be unique pieces that last for a lifetime thanks to the precision of our artisan and the quality of our leather.

The leather comes from certified farms and comes with a CITES a document that proves the origin of the leather and gives the possibility to traveling with the item without having any problems with customs.

- Manufactured on demand (30-90 days) 

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