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8 Place XL Watchbox with Palladium

8 Place XL Watchbox with Palladium

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Elegantly crafted in Milan, Italy, the Black 8 Places Watchbox is made of wood wrapped with genuine Italian leather and suede leather for the interior of the box. The pillows for the watches are made of memory foam wrapped with suede.

The closure, the corners and the studs are made of solid brass with a Palladium finish, which is not just for aesthetic reasons but to ensure extra protection for the watches inside the box.

Any of our boxes are completely customizable, we can change the leather type and color including reptiles and we can change the size of the pillows to fit your wrist size the best, up to your desires.

Pillow size: 70mm


  • Accommodates up to eight watches.
  • Memory foam and floccato velvet prevent scratches.
  • It is handcrafted in Milan, Italy, using premium materials.
  • Stylish Palladium closures and corners for extra protection.
  • Ensures both style and protection for your treasured timepieces.
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