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Our products are meant to be unique and timeless, we want to take back the good old days of Italian craftsmanship, something that in the last years is slowly disappearing.

Through a unique blend of artisanal skills and contemporary craftsmanship, Oberndörfer & CO creates watch accessories, jewelry, travel goods and business essentials, designed and handcrafted in Italy with the finest materials. 

Made in Italy

Oberndörfer & CO accessories are crafted exclusively in Milan, Italy.

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Bespoke Service

Thanks to our skilled artisans Oberndörfer & CO is able to realise any project demanded by the customer. Generations of experience, meticulous care and attention to detail create a perfect bespoke product.

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Handmade in Italy

We work with the care and passion of artisans but we guarantee the quality and precision of industrial production. With the use of traditional methods for the construction of our products alongside modern technologies to obtain the highest quality Leather Boxes.

Our products are made exclusively in Italy by Italian professionals.

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