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Watchbox 3 Place

Watchbox 3 Place

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This Watchbox with 3-places in Yellow is entirely handcrafted in Milan, Italy, the worldwide heart of fashion. The Yellow Watchbox is made of wood wrapped with genuine Italian calf leather and floccato velvet inside the box. The pillows for the watches are made of memory foam wrapped with floccato velvet. The closure is made of solid brass. Any of our Watch Boxes are completely customizable. We can change the leather type and color, including reptiles, and the size of the pillows to fit your wrist size the best, up to your desires.

The Yellow 3-Place Watchbox is designed for your convenience. Its compact size and durable construction make it an ideal travel companion. Safely take your favorite watches with you on vacations, business trips, or special events, ensuring you always have the right watch for the moment.


  • Handcrafted in Milan, Italy, the heart of fashion.
  • Genuine Italian calf leather and luxurious floccato velvet interior.
  • Memory foam pillows for different wrist size.
  • Customizable leather types, colors, and pillow sizes.
  • Secure closure made of solid brass for enduring elegance.
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